Differential Diagnosis Orthopaedic Test Simulation



The DDOTS system is intended only as a teaching aid, it should not be used as a diagnostic aid on real people.

The system was designed to operate from a specific set of low back pain symptoms. The idea is to demonstrate how orthopaedic tests can be used to arrive at a diagnosis, based on the positive and negative results of a set of simple and repeatable tests. In reality, all the case history information must be used to make a diagnosis, combined with the results of other types examinations and a view of structure.

How to use DDOTS

Select one of the nine case history scenarios- a series of tests can be performed on the imaginary patient, you can assign a negative or positive result for each test, the results can recorded in the form at the top of the page.

At the end a tentative diagnosis is made based on the results with an explanation of how this conclusion was reached

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