What osteopathy can treat


Osteopathy is effective in treating many conditions affecting the muscles and joints. It has a twofold approach, a purely mechanical joint articulation process, designed to stretch ligaments and joints. Occasionally this can involve the use of joint manipulation to move a stuck joint, but other techniques are available that are just effective if the patient is unhappy with this or if the procedure is contraindicated by an underlying medical condition. A second more subtle type of treatment involves neurological reprogramming of the nerve- muscle interface and its inks in the central nervous system. This technique resembles massage but is in fact "Neuromuscular Technique"- aimed at specific troublesome muscles and their neurological centres (these are similar to trigger points)

Normally osteopathic treatment and examination require some degree of undressing, but this isn't absolutely necessary for all occasions.

Edward Wilmot has specialised in the field of Occupation Pain Management, this is not only removing symptoms but determining the true cause of problems whether they are due to posture or use of particular muscles at work. The Data Portfolio demonstrates the effectiveness of osteopathy.

These are some of the more common areas of treatment:-


neck pain

low back pain

retirement ailments

sports injuries



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