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Screamsaver! Instructions

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Instructions for use

The Screamsaver is a device designed to break up the pattern of working practice sitting at computers for long periods of time. This is a major contributor in causing neck, shoulder and back pain.

The current system is alas only available on PC based systems running Internet Explorer, however a newer html version is under development which will work on other browsers and Apple / Android systems.

Quick instructions:-

  1. click the download button,
  2. click "run",
  3. walk around for a while every 15 minutes when it advises you to do so.

Click the download icon at the bottom of the page, The software should be installed automatically. A window will appear stating it is preparing to download or something similar. Your computer may state that is unable to verify the publisher, don't worry about this, the publisher (Edward Wilmot Osteopathy) probably isn't known to your system. Your system will probably scan the incoming software for viruses automatically. Feel free to contact us if you are worried by this. A third warning may also appear giving you the option of "run" or "don't run", click run.

For the technically orientated, Screamsaver operates as an on-line program, it will operate off-line but you need an Internet connection to start the program each time. A "prefetch" file will be stored in your computer. This differs from a cookie, we do not collect any data from your computer or anything else. This file merely makes it easier to open the Screamsaver for future reference. Delete this file from the Windows Prefetch folder if you no longer want to use the application. It would normally be located in the programs file in the hard drive.

To find the application again for future reference, it might be worth bookmarking this page ("add to favourites") or copy this URL:- http://www.edwardwilmotosteopathy.com/ostscreamuse.htm

A small window should appear entitled Screamsaver, with contact details of the sponsor or practice should problems arise. This window can be minimised to save space on the computer screen.

This version will run for 15 minutes. Should you leave your computer during this time, click the "reset" button to restart the 15 minute time interval.

After the 15 minute time interval, the Screamsaver will pop up automatically and advise a two minute break. Please note that the reset and minimise buttons will no longer work during this interval as this would defeat the point of the application.

The Screamsaver can be switched off at any stage in the normal manner by clicking the exit (X) button in the top right hand corner.

After two minutes, the Screamsaver will reset itself for another 15 or minutes. Should you be away from your computer for longer than two minutes, simply click the reset button on your return.

Should problems persist, please contact the telephone number on the Screamsaver window or click "contact us" at the op of the page.


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