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Occupation Pain Management

Here again, the theory and reality diverge, as the freedom of the open road is a rare occurrence and most business related driving involves urban driving on a tight deadline while stuck in traffic or finding somewhere to park.

An ideal driving posture is a good idea. Osteopathic treatment generally includes setting up the car seat to be an ideal distance from the steering wheel and pedals. However, the same sitting related problems pop up without the benefit of being able to get out and walk around. Generally speaking, the larger the vehicle the better the seating posture is going to be. In theory a Heavy Goods Vehicle offers the best form of seating but these tend to be a little impractical for meeting clients.

However, breathing exercises and muscle relaxation are quite effective for driving related strain. Traffic lights and jams are, in fact, your friends. You can use the time while you are not actually driving to ease the tension out of your neck shoulders and back. Here again, osteopathic treatment can help a great deal with such exercises.

Obvious solutions include planning to allow a lot of extra time to reduce the stress of hurrying and taking frequent breaks to get out and walk around. In short, business is bad for your body, but osteopathy can help a lot to find solutions for all of these aches and pains to be managed effectively.





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