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Occupation Pain Management


Deskwork, computers, driving, meetings, presentations the familiar routine for most offices and businesses around the world. It's always sitting, sitting, sitting and then more sitting. We are simply not "designed" to sit.

Earlier societies allowed much greater freedom of movement, from hunter gather societies through agriculture well into the twentieth century, most people walked around and did some sort of activity not related to sitting at a desk.

There is good evidence linking sitting and sedentary lifestyles with heart disease and diabetes with a general shortening of life expectancy and quality of life. However, the situation is much worse than that.

In osteopathic practice, we see the consequences of deskwork written in the spine. Neck and shoulder pain is the most common problem with low back and pelvic problems coming up in a close second place.

The links below specify the most common causes of trouble and how osteopathy can remedy them.









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