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Edward Wilmot


Edward Wilmot is a Graduate of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London. He established a practice in Haslemere, Surrey in 1990.

He joined Rosemary White in Cosham, Portsmouth in 1996 as an associate osteopath. After a sabbatical locum in a practice in Auckland, New Zealand, Edward returned to the UK as a Clinic Tutor at the London School of Osteopathy, while work continued in Haslemere and Cosham. Edward also taught Osteopathy at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine.

"Edward Wilmot Osteopathy" was established in 2010 to provide locum and osteopathic consultancy work. In that capacity he has worked as a locum practice manager, a data assessor for practices seeking NHS osteopathy, as well provisioning locum cover for practices in South East England. In 2012, Edward was a revalidation assessor for the General Osteopathic Council. He continued as an LSO clinic supervisor until 2013

In 2014 Edward moved to Malaysia to provide osteopathic care for the expanding healthcare field in Kuala Lumpur.

Edward brings two decades of experience with a wide range of techniques and in depth knowledge of occupation related conditions. His treatment methodology is aimed at solving the underlying causes of symptoms to achieve the best possible solution for an individual's well being.

The primary focus of his work is to determine the cause of occupation related illness and effect a lasting treatment procedure that is individually tailored not only for efficient joint and muscle function but for a person's effectiveness in the workplace.

This work requires an understanding of body use in the workplace and a durable and progressive long term treatment plan to ensure the patient stays well.

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