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A Graphic History

Edward Wilmot's first job was a calligraphist at the London College of Advanced Transport Studies in 1983. Using a fountain pen with a wide nib and a bottle of ink, he would painstakingly draw out in flamboyant gothic script the equally outlandish names of the students on their exam certificates. However the real history of Edward's artwork began several years earlier with the beginning of the long running "Germat" cartoon serial- the basis of future storyboard artwork. Edward's time in school Latin classes was not entirely wasted, since much of this time was used to design spaceships, rockets and plot orbital trajectories, much to the annoyance of the Latin teacher. This work was later put to good use in 3D CGI work and computer software simulations.

Despite this promising start, Edward headed towards medicine and osteopathy, becoming the resident cartoonist at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine student's magazine. From 1990, he started using artwork in the service of osteopathic practice promotion. The early adverts were hand drawn and lettering was made in the old calligraphic style, with typesetting produced on a daisywheel printer with only one font. A useful additional enterprise at this time was "Your pet in paint", an animal portrait service, generally using watercolours in the fine arts tradition.

The introduction of the Internet and Photoshop at the turn of the century was to have a profound effect on Edward's artwork. Digital manipulation of artwork, photographs and pure Computer Generated Imagery meant that adverts could be made much more easily using colour artwork and with proper electronic typesetting. Osteopathic advertising was profoundly improved and included what was then the new horizon of web design for the promotion of osteopathy and graphic illustration for the use of teaching.

In 2007 Edward consolidated this work in a two year graphic design course run by capable teachers and designers in a chaotic college in Guildford, Surrey. The final exam for this course caused a completely unexpected departure from the normal realms of graphic design. This was the real beginning of CGI animation, although initially much was hand drawn, stop motion work.

As a result of another set of fortuitous events, Edward became the storyboard artist for independent film maker Shelagh McCleod's project "The Competition", and was brought on board as part of the production team in 2013. Since then, Edward has produced a considerable number of storyboards for several different film projects, using a variety of different styles. Current work includes a series of concept art illustrations for a new science fiction film.


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