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Edward Wilmot's Animation History

Edward Wilmot started using animation in osteopathy lectures in 2004. These initial animations were quick hand-drawn illustrations animated in Photoshop and compiled in powerpoint, which was probably the least suitable software in the entire history of animation.

Things might have stayed that way but for an unexpected occurrence in 2009. The final exam in the two year graphic design course required the production of a 30 second animation for an imaginary TV series, a challenge that was too good to resist. This led to a highly entertaining 3D cartoon based on the work of political caricaturists using more modern video editing software.

Bouncing off from this work, he started production of an animated version of a graphic novel , which became "The Zweilict Zone" short film in 2012. This was labouriously made in Photoshop using stop motion techniques. Each frame of the 25 minute film needed several components moved millimetre by millimetre. Faster methods of animation were developed using flash, although image size and component transparency limited the use of the system. However, many innovative website based animations were made before being superseded by the latest animation versions of Photoshop.

In 2013, Edward was on the production team at MPH films, working on "The Competition" with director Shelagh Mcleod. In order to push the boundaries f what as possible for the special effects for this film, he started model making using Sketch-up and Maya, using the new Photohop CC n its video editing mode. He also made some short films to test a number of animation concepts, some of which are reproduced in the animation showreel. Production of the new Germat film "The String" began in 2017. This film will put into practice all that has been discovered with the new animation techniques and software.

animation showreel


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