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Animation Playlist


Animation Showreel the latest CGI animation

Escher Station you can arrive but never leave

H525E9 Thundercloud- CGI fighter put through its paces

Storyboard Showreel - Zweilict Zone demonstration and comparsion of storyboards

The Competition CGI The computer generated animation for the film "The Competition"

The Competition Construction How "The Competition" CGI clips were made


Physics of MRI The original Nescot MRI video from 2005

Physics of MRI part 2 The sequel, a more detailed look at how MRI actually works.


Angry Brits what if Brexit was a video game?

Idealised convection cell animation Theoretical cloud animation-very mushroomy

Foot Trouble Some of the problems with animating walking feet

The Zweilicht Zone The original Germat animation from 2012

The String Trailer for the proposed 3D CGI Germat feature film

photogaphy and travel

120 DaysThe first views of Malaysia in 2014

Coral Landscapes Vietnam to Australia in photographs


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